Equity, diversity and inclusion

We know that the heritage and music sectors are not currently representative of UK society because of a lack of diversity, equity and inclusion. There is unequal access to music education which leads to a lack of diversity in those who engage as audiences, performers or creators. At Harmony Works we are committed to ensuring diverse voices contribute to our work, to improving access and opportunity for all, and to delivering genuine and sustained positive experiences for all our communities.

To support a culture of inclusion, equity and diversity, we commit to:

  • Recruiting diverse voices to our staff, volunteers, and Board of Trustees, to ensure that a wide range of knowledge, skills and lived experiences contribute to Harmony Works.
  • Ensuring we create an anti-discriminatory culture, so that everyone engaging with Harmony Works feels welcome.
  • Regularly reflecting and learning more about equity, diversity and inclusion and how we can incorporate that learning into our practices.
  • Ensuring Harmony Works is accessible to everyone and that it reaches diverse groups of people.
  • Working with our partners and wider community to review and improve our practice and to overcome multiple (and often interconnected) barriers to access. so that we may reach our equity, diversity and inclusion aims.

Harmony Works is currently creating an EDI Strategy and Action Plan which will describe the practical steps we will take to embed EDI in our organisation and collaborations.  During this process we will have honest and open conversations with our team, trustees and partners. We will consult with local communities and young people to ensure their needs are at the forefront of our work.