Equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) Statement


Harmony Works is the home of inspirational music education and opportunity, enriching and enhancing the lives and futures of young people and their communities across the Region.


Harmony Works is built on partnership:

  • We build a diverse partnership, locally and nationally, to create and deliver relevant and impactful music education.
  • We work with the ideas and creativity of our young people to ensure our activities are relevant and exciting for them.
  • We ensure our opportunities are accessible to all.
  • We collaborate with schools, families and local communities to explore how music can embrace and enhance their routines and rituals.

We know there are problems of a lack of diversity, equity and inclusion within the heritage and music sectors. There is unequal access to music education which translates to a lack of diversity in audiences, performers, and creators. There is also a noticeable lack of ethnic minority communities on Boards and within staff teams, or in the lack of young or working-class people leading projects. We at Harmony Works are committed to improving access and opportunity for all and making a difference to all out communities.

To support a culture of inclusion, equity and diversity, we commit to:

  1. Anti-discrimination, anti-racism and to proactively developing diversity in our team, at a staff and governance level.
  2. Regularly reflecting and learning more about equity, diversity and inclusion issues, and how we can incorporate that learning into our practices.
  3. Ensuring Harmony Works is accessible to everyone and that it reaches a diverse group of recipients.
  4. working with people and organisations to break barriers to access,
  5. Working with our partners and wider community to regularly review and improve so that we may reach our equity, diversity and inclusion aims.

As an organisation, Harmony Works is currently working on an EDI Strategy and Action Plan. These documents will contain the practical steps we will make to embed EDI throughout our organisation and collaborations and cultivate an environment of inclusivity and belonging.

Throughout this process we will ensure that we are having honest and open conversations with our team, trustees and partners. We will consult local communities and young people to ensure their needs are at the forefront of our work.